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Ways Nature can be your church wedding

When people think of getting married, the venue is the most challenging thing that they have to handle. You would need not to have no worries since you dream is still valid as long as you have the right planning for your big day. An outdoor venue is another tip that you use to have a great day of your life time. Many couples will have different reasons for not holding the weddings in their churches although none of them matters. Nature itself has some good decorations such as trees and flowers.

However, if you feel like you would like to put some more of the d?cor, here are the tips to help you out. In most cases, couples would start living together and want to have their kids with them. Many people will not tell that water is a good feature that can work well in their marriage ceremony. When water is used in this venue, the couples have their glasses in hands, and they pour them in the same jug. The water used is normally colored different so that the colors mix when both glasses are poured.

Sand is another suitable representation for the two of you coming together. When sand is entailed, the couples believe that they have found hope for their marriage. During this type of event, the two will hold their glasses of sand and pour in one glass to symbolize that they have been joined and no one can divide them. Thus, it means that no one or nothing can ever separate both you and your spouse. That together with water are a good symbol that you have been joined and there is no way you two can do without each other.

You can also make your ceremony lively by involving trees. Tree planting is a great tip that is fantastic when applied in a marriage ceremony. Thus, getting married in your backyard or at the park can be a very nice reception. Trees play a role in the manifestation of growth between many couples especially during their wedding ritual. It feels great when you and your loved one watch the tree that you planted decades ago and it still exists even when you grow old. Also, for it to grow healthily, you will need to be together to nurture it until it reaches the age of being independent. For instance, when palm tree grows old, they bend and never breaks. Also, they are a sign of peace.